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About Me.

In nutshell, I cannot relax, ever. My mind is truly doing all the things, all the time. I mean, I can exhaust myself without lifting a finger. I can't let any question go unanswered or it drives me insane - I'm basically putting a strain on the Google servers with the amount of queries I have. I mean truly, the amount of wondering and worrying I do is a full-time job at this point. What I'm trying to get at, is that writing for me has always focused my mind in ways nothing else can, and I think I'm actually decent at it? So I thought to myself, you know what the world really needs? Another blog about feelings. They might not want one, but they're getting one anyway. I just paid $2.99 USD for the image of a nutshell, so I'm pretty committed to this and I'm trying to be more open to things for "positive" experiences or whatever. So this, is that.

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